© Charles W Stephens PhotoID# 12544584: Storm At The Mittens NATURE & LANDSCAPE
I seek to capture the beauty we often drive by with little opportunity to stop and reflect. Please see the Artist's Statement to gain more insight into my goals with respect to this category of fine art.

© Charles W Stephens PhotoID# 12091695: Sunset Glow ARCHIVED NATURE & LANDSCAPE

© Charles W Stephens PhotoID# 8840006:  Rain Drenched FLOWERS
These images are made in natural light without use of filters. They have not been "photoshopped", unless otherwise stated. The flowers remained in their natural state in the ground without the photographs being destructive to the life of the flower. When time permits I will provide more detail on how these images were made by writing a short article and adding it to this web site. I hope you enjoy the amazing beauty and personalities of these "local" live flowers.

© Charles W Stephens PhotoID# 8703527: Faithful Ford RELICS
Antiques and "old things" enrich our lives. My goal is to photograph "relics" in the condition they are found. Most of my images seek to show the beauty of "relics" even in a derelict state depicting the character of their weathered years. Unless otherwise stated none of the images were "staged", but rather were photographed in the condition and at the location they were "discovered".

© Charles W Stephens PhotoID# 11422973: Chicken Soup? STILL LIFE
Things of beauty. A work in progress.

© Charles W Stephens PhotoID# 15117002: Cathedral Oaks 40x60 SAPELO ISLAND REVERED
Sapelo Island Revered show at the Quinlan Visual Arts Center in Gainesville, GA from April 14,-June 4, 2016. Click on the Sapelo Island Revered link (above) for more information. See the Sapelo Island images by clicking on this image.


© Charles W Stephens

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